AMERICA/MEXICO - A meeting of Bishops in Reynosa suspended for security reasons

Friday, 12 May 2017 violence   laity   drug trade  

Tampico (Agenzia Fides) - The wave of insecurity affecting the whole Mexican region of Tamaulipas has forced the suspension of a meeting to be held in the border town of Reynosa, which should have been attended by representatives of various dioceses.
Even the Bishop of the Diocese of Tampico, Mgr. José Luis Dibildox Martínez, who was among the participants, during a press conference pointed out that "there is a lot of caution because there is still some insecurity in the area. It is a problem that does not end, but I hope that the authorities and the central government will work to bring the calm and peace we all want".
Mgr. Dibildox Martínez ended his statements with an appeal to solidarity with activist Miriam Rodríguez, killed on May 10, and with her family. Miriam Rodríguez, mother of a missing girl found dead in a pit in San Fernando, had become the leader of the "Comunidad Ciudadana" organization, that sought other people missing and denounced the perpetrators of these murders. She was murdered by a group of criminals who broke into her house. Several organizations, including the United Mexican UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, asked the authorities to investigate this murder, punish the culprits and ensure the security of activists in similar circumstances.
Mgr. Dibildox Martínez stressed in this regard: "We should feel united and see how to support people so that they can overcome this situation and ask for justice, we all need to see justice". (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 12/05/2017)