AMERICA/VENEZUELA - The population is starving, Caritas Caracas responds with "solidarity pots"

Thursday, 4 May 2017 hunger   politics   violence   solidarity  

Caracas (Agenzia Fides) - The Archdiocese of Caracas continues with the initiative "Olla solidaria" ("Solidarity pots"). The program, also called "Community Pots", is promoted by Caritas Venezuela and despite the difficulties in finding resources to prepare meals, it can feed a large group of very poor people (see Fides 14/3/2017 ).
In the note sent to Fides by the Archdiocese, deacon Virgilio Cartagena, director of Caritas Caracas, reports some activities in favor of the most needy in recent days. As a matter of fact "solidarity pot" was held in Campo Rico, an area in the suburbs of Caracas, in favor of the elderly, who are not taken care of, as Father Antonio Castro of the San Juan Evangelista Parish points out. The initiative was supported by pupils and parents of the Corazón de María parish school, which welcomed and served more than 80 people, mostly elderly.
In the neighborhood of José Félix Ribas de Petare, Father Luis Chaparro of the Diocesan Workers, met with the volunteers, about 250 people. In Santa Rita de Nuevo Día Parish, "solidarity pot" served the poor in Carretera Vieja Caracas-La Guaira neighborhood, thanks to the work organized by the Oblate Sisters.
Virgilio Cartagena pointed out that this "is not the definitive solution to the problem of hunger, but at the moment it helps thousands of people". The initiative started in Barquisimeto with Father Jesús Martínez, parish priest of the parish of San Francisco de Asís.
The dramatic situation of the country is denounced not only by the Church: "While the government spends millions of dollars on arms, there are hundreds of people who are trying to find food" said Caracas municipal councilor Fernando Albán Caracas. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 04/05/2017)