AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - Wolisso Hospital Auditorium named in memory of Fr Luigi Mazzucato

Friday, 28 April 2017


Wolisso (Agenzia Fides) – A ceremony has just ended to name the Aula Magna/Auditorium at Wolisso Hospital after Fr Luigi Mazzucato, Italian director for many years of CUAMM Medici with Africa. “He loved this hospital deeply, one of the few built entirely by CUAMM, which usually flanks existing structures, governmental or diocesan, to put them back on the track” we read in a report sent to Fides.
Wolisso Hospital was a challenge from the start shouldered with determination by the then CUAMM director don Luigi Mazzucato in cooperation with the Catholic Church in Ethiopia . This is why today the hospital’s Aula Magna/Auditorium is being named after him to foster the same determination in those places to which he devoted his life. St. Luke’s Wolisso, with 192 beds is the most important nongovernmental hospital in Ethiopia. It is the main centre for the Oromia Region, serving the province’s a population of 1,175,000. The structure offers services in medicine, first aid, orthopaedics, out-patient clinic and as departments for paediatrics, obstetrics, feeding programmes, mother-child health assistance, and a waiting ward for women fearing dangerous deliveries. It’s training school for obstetrics and nursing, and health assistants has been operative since 2000. In the area some 20 health centres, 53 community health posts provide a public health service all over the territory. In 2016 alone it guaranteed 11,337 outpatient visits, 5,552 vaccinations, 4,557 prenatal visits, 9,389 assisted deliveries and 10,826 screening tests for malnutrition among children under 5. It is also one of ten stations in the new CUAMM programme “Prima le mamme e i bambini. Mille di questi giorni Mothers and Children first. A thousand of these days ” to assist new mothers and infants in the first 1,000 days, counted from the beginning of the pregnancy to when the child is two years old. The progamme includes free, safe delivery and free treatment of acute and chronic malnutrition.
(AP) (28/4/2017 Agenzia Fides)