AMERICA/MEXICO - Remembering with gratitude their recent meeting with Benedict XVI the Catholic Bishops of Mexico vow to respond to his call to be: “promoters and examples of communion to valorise temporal realities and illuminate them with the Gospel”

Saturday, 19 November 2005

Mexico (Fides Service) - The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Mexico gathered for its 80th general assembly 7 to 10 November, discussed the restructuring of the country’s ecclesiastical provinces in view of more effective evangelisation. At the end of the assembly they issued a final message in which they remembered with gratitude two recent events in Rome, their recent meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of their five-yearly ad limina visit and the 11th Ordinary Synod of Bishops on the theme “Eucharist source and summit of the Church’s life and mission”, before considering coming Church events in Mexico.
In the message the Bishops confirmed their commitment to respond to the Holy Father’s call to be “promoters and examples of communion to valorise temporal realities and illuminate them with the Gospel, promoting justice and solidarity for the poorest of the poor”.
“Contemplating with the eyes of Bishops the situation in our country today - they wrote - we see certain shadows, consequences of life without God: insecurity, violence, corruption, drug trafficking, extreme poverty, cultural, socio-economic, employment gap, low level of instruction; persistent racism, exclusion and violence against women; continual abandoning of fields and migration to cities; damaged ecosystem; growing unemployment, emigration with consequent family break up, the scourge of AIDS , attacks on life”.
Despite these concerns the Bishops speak of positive and encouraging signs including: “a lasting religious sense in communities continues to express itself with Catholic contents fruit of first evangelisation some 500 years ago and the creation of new dioceses and election of new Bishops and the presence of generous pastoral workers, priests, men and women religious, active lay people who dedicate time to the service of others”.
Lastly the Bishop vow to work for more solid pastoral communion to instil the Gospel values in every sector of society: “We will walk ahead of the People of God bearing witness of solidarity among our dioceses grouped in ecclesiastical provinces revealing in this way the Kingdom of God in the world”. The Bishops also mention preparations for national elections in 2006 an opportunity to strengthen hope and consolidate the path of democracy they say encouraging voters to reflect on the contents of the consultation taking part in purposely prepared electoral preparation meetings. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 19/11/2005, righe 34, parole 424)