ASIA/CHINA - In the footsteps of St. Joseph: to live Christian life in silence, humility and serenity

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 local churches   festivity  


Beijing (Agenzia Fides) - To live our Christian life by following the footsteps of St. Joseph: as every year, the Chinese Catholic community celebrated one of the most felt liturgical solemnities of the year, the feast of St. Joseph, focusing on his big virtue of obedience, silence, humility and serenity.
According to information sent to Agenzia Fides, as usual the month of March was dedicated to the Saint who is the patron of workers, of the mission in China, of the newlyweds. Countless churches, colleges, religious congregations, missions and groups chose St. Joseph as patron not only to pay their respects, but especially to imitate his spirit and virtues, which are in tune with the ancient teachings of Chinese culture and tradition .
Since this year the feast fell on Sunday of Lent, in different places the feast of St. Joseph was anticipated to Saturday, March 18. A solemn procession with the statue of St. Joseph opened the celebrations in honor of the patron of the parish of Wu Xi. During the homily, the priest invited all "to learn from his silence: his acceptance in faith, the accomplishment of the mission entrusted to him by the Lord with love".
In the church of Hu He Hao Te, in Inner Mongolia, the feast was celebrated with dancing, singing and a great celebration in the sign of a great family.
In the province of He Bei, there are countless churches dedicated to the Saint. One of these, in the diocese of Xian Xian, inaugurated the new church and the new pastoral complex in the presence of the diocesan bishop, His Exc. Mgr. Joseph Li. Works on the new church started on March 19 last year. Today, this village of 200 faithful has a 968 square meters pastoral complex.
In the province of Jiang Su, the celebration of the feast focused on the figure of the Saint, who became the instrument of the Lord and model of unconditional faith. Mgr. Joseph Xu Hong Gen, Bishop of Su Zhou diocese, stressed his "example of faith, reminding us that we become abode of the Lord with our heart, our body and our life".
A large number of migrant workers participated in the Masses celebrated in several dioceses, because, as recalled by one of the priests, "the Church is your home, where you can receive hospitality and breathe spiritual oxygen, not only in the days of great feasts, but every day of the year". (NZ) (Agenzia Fides 22/03/2017)