AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Threats to the Archbishop of Cali, but "Colombia must overcome this stage" responds Mgr. Monsalve Mejia

Monday, 19 December 2016 violence   armed groups   bishops  


Cali (Agenzia Fides) - His Exc. Mgr. Dario de Jesus Monsalve Mejia, Archbishop of Cali, talking to some media operators, reported that last Friday, December 16, strangers delivered leaflets to the Archbishop's house, in the center of Cali, with threats against him, apparently for the job which for several months he has been carrying out for the peace agreements between the government and the FARC. "Death to the FARC, Santos and the Communist clergy" is the message that we read in the leaflet, with images of a noose and a skull.
The letter sent to Fides from a local source, reports the Archbishop's words: "Those who distribute these things, these messages, do it because they have heard something in the speeches of many of our politicians and consider in the same way all those who are fighting for peace in Colombia. Therefore soon it will be impossible to say the word peace, let alone reach or even get close to groups in order to continue the path of dialogue and coexistence". In the political debate in fact there are some factions who continue to reject any peace agreement, inciting to resolve the situation with force.
The Archbishop also noted that Colombia needs to overcome the stage of threats, leaflets and killings, and therefore launches an appeal to political leaders. Finally he said that he did not fear or feel threatened, but will report these cases of intimidation to the Prosecutor, so the authorities can investigate the origin of this threatening message. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 19/12/2016)