ASIA/THAILAND - May Jesus be visible even in our home, today! The hope of a missionary for Christmas

Thursday, 15 December 2016 missionary animation  


Bangkok (Agenzia Fides) - In Thailand every home, office, factory, farm and public space exposes a giant poster of the King or the royal family, especially in this period of national mourning for the death of the 'Greatest of Kings'. Now the images have multiplied in quantity, in size and in price. Everywhere, even tattoos, sweets and clothes show the image of Rama 9.
In the same Catholic churches his photo stands at the altar and at the entrance. "I have never seen such a massive, unanimous and unchallengeable identification with a person or with the symbol that represents him. This also makes me think of the strength of an image, a sign that conveys a message", says to Fides a fidei donum missionary committed in Thailand. "We are trying our best in the parish to make people appreciate the crib in the home as a distinctive sign of Christians. As well as Santa Claus or the super-adorned tree that dominate the commercial and entertainment scenarios, we would like to be more 'proud' of the humble manger". "It is true, we struggle to find statuettes (no one produces or sells them), it is difficult to spread a popular tradition which easily leads to the Gospel message, people do not have any experience or creativity on the subject. Yet I see glimmers of joy and enthusiasm in showing modest household results", he continues. "The need for symbols is part of popular piety. Through external symbols, simple people approach the Mystery, reconsiders an Ideal, meets the Other. No wonder Buddhism is full of symbols, rituals, objects, images, meanings, colors and mysteries. Ultimately incarnation also has this meaning. Crib or work of mercy, community celebration and sobriety. May Jesus be visible even in our home, today!", concludes the missionary. (AdB/AP) (Agenzia Fides 15/12/2016)