AMERICA/EL SALVADOR - Award to IDHUCA: has been defending the rights of the weakest for 31 years

Thursday, 17 November 2016 human rights   university   politics  

San Salvador (Agenzia Fides) - On November 15, the Ambassador of Spain in El Salvador delivered, on behalf of the Spanish king, Philip VI, a Plaque of Civil Merit to the Institute for Human Rights of the Central American University (IDHUCA) in San Salvador. This award is given by the king to people who have distinguished themselves in the service of the State.
On this occasion the award was given because the Institute fulfilled its mission: has fought strenuously for the respect of the dignity and human rights in the country for more than 30 years. It was founded at the end of 1985 under the direction of Father Segundo Montes, one of the Jesuits killed at the Central American University (UCA) on the fateful morning of 16 November 1989. The award was given in the days of the XXVII anniversary of the massacre that took place at the University, where 6 Jesuits and 2 collaborators died.
he text sent to Agenzia Fides recalls the defense of the poor carried out by IDHUCA through legal advice and support. The struggles for justice through the protection of the rights of thousands of people who came to its offices for support. "During its 31 years, IDHUCA has fully embodied the mission of the Society of Jesus. IDHUCA has managed to be close to children, prisoners, the naked, the landless and homeless", the text concludes. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 17/11/2016)