AMERICA/ARGENTINA - “Globalised world reveals a deep longing for God the creator and great transcendent anxieties”: meeting of executive committee of the International Council of Catholic Men

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Buenos Aires (Fides Service)- Social commitment in a globalised world was the theme of a meeting of the executive committee of the international Council of Catholic Men held in October in Buenos Aires.
The meeting was attended by delegations from 17 countries: Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Croatia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, France, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Ireland, Polish communities in Great Britain, Italy, Argentina.
“We live in times which are complex and contradictory, which bring social ferment but at the same time reveal the deepest aspirations of mankind and a search for meaning to life and quality of life. This longing - said Mgr. Tino Mariani, ecclesiastic assistant - should be seen not only from the sociological point of view; it is a truth which is sought and studied in an anthropological key according to the global concept of life in its human-spiritual and transcendental dimensions”.
The first conference was given by Rev. Jorge Luis Lagazio, executive secretary of the Argentinean Bishops’ Commission for Social Pastoral Care who spoke on “Social commitment in the teaching of the Church”, and highlighted the opportunities for lay people to be involved and to bear witness. Ambassador Vicente Espeche Gil in his address on “individual social commitment in a globalised world”, said that globalisation with its process of simplification and complexity must be seen as a sign of the times. The new stage of international relations offers opportunities which used not to exist. Christians must discern which aspects are in keeping with the Gospel and which are not, like the master of the house who separates the wheat from the darnel (cfr Mt 13, 24-30).
The same concepts were exposed by the Bishop of San Isidro Jorge Casaretto, who said in a homily on 7 October he believed that the globalised world reveals a deep longing for God the creator and great transcendent anxieties.
The theme chosen for the meeting in Buenos Aires shows the willingness of the federation to find new ways for social action with the aim, as Pope Benedict XVI said in a telegramme sent for the occasion, of encouraging renewed adhesion to Christ and ever more authentic witness to the Gospel.
After the experience of sharing reflections on the theme of social commitment in a globalised world in the conclusions president Alejandro Madero encouraged Unum Omnes members to give priority to the apostolic dimension of social commitment.
Social commitment which means decisive action in society where Catholic men live, in the family, education, work, science, sport, healthcare and above all politics, economy to imbue these ambits with Gospel values and thus transform society.
An important tool is surely the Compendium of Catholic Social Doctrine, of which Unum Omnes members aim to be channels of diffusion and promotion in their respective countries and particularly where it is unknown. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 9/11/2005 righe 49 parole 582)