ASIA/INDIA - "Becoming a Nation": Christian philosophers confront each other

Monday, 24 October 2016 politics   formation   human rights   religious minorities   religious freedom  

Ranchi (Agenzia Fides) - "We are proud to live in a country that is sovereign, secular, a democratic republic, with a Constitution that protects the fundamental rights of its citizens. The Indian tradition of plurality and diplomacy, its scientific progress and huge natural and human resources, are signs of its immense potential. The diverse religious and spiritual traditions of the nation and its multicultural richness enhance the uniqueness of the process of becoming a nation. We are invited to affirm human dignity and equality despite cultural and religious differences": says the Association of Christian philosophers of India (ACPI), who met in recent days in Ranchi for their annual seminar.
The final message, sent to Fides, reads: "At present there have been unenlightened attempts to challenge and subvert many of the strengths and resources of the Indian socio-political reality. There is still religious bias, the assertion of cultural supremacy, the approach of some people with vested interests, the emergence of development projects that lack traditional wisdom and ecological sensitivity. Current developments seem to lead to an affirmation of nationalism, with fundamentalist tones and with the politicized use of media, resulting in mass violence". The philosophers recall that "dissent is an integral part of democracy" and warn against "anti-democratic policies and against minorities, resulting in their cultural and economic exclusion".
The participants in the seminar launched an appeal so that India "becomes a nation", inviting to "celebrate the differences, to recognize and accept each other, to affirm cultural freedom and plurality, to allow to emerge an ethics of compassionate care". (PA) (Agenzia Fides 24/10/2016)