ASIA/IRAQ - Battle of Mosul, the NGOs: "It is urgent to ensure the safety of civilians"

Monday, 24 October 2016 wars   islam   civil society   human rights  


Nineveh (Agenzia Fides) - While the Kurdish peshmerga are now at the gates of Mosul and Isis prepares its last resistance in Iraq's second city, the arrival of displaced people in camps in the southern areas of the governorate of Nineveh continue.
After the first flow of more than 5,600 people, "the number is expected to grow with the approach of the fighting in urban areas" refers to Fides a well-known humanitarian organization "Intersos", at the forefront in the areas of Nineveh and Salah Ed- Din, the closest to the battle. According to UN estimates, up to 1.5 million people will be involved in the conflict, and it is expected that up to one million people could escape the city and surrounding areas.
"In the area there are currently 7 active camps, plus 4 under construction and one in preparation, and 14 emergency sites will be added, for a capacity of reception that will go from the current 60 thousand to 417 thousand people" communicates Intersos.
NGOs call on all parties engaged in the conflict "the respect of the Geneva Convention so that the safety of civilians is ensured and are allowed to leave the city and have access to humanitarian aid".
Intersos has organized mobile teams of doctors and nurses for first health care. Medical personnel provide emergency care and life-saving interventions and are expected to reach over 50 thousand people, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable, such as pregnant women and children. Education activities, within the settlements that accommodate the displaced, will be carried out, creating child-friendly spaces, which provide psycho-social, educational and recreational assistance to children.
The most vulnerable sections of the population, such as women, the elderly and children, are incurred by the distribution of basic necessities by various humanitarian organizations, which also provide for the monitoring of the violation of human rights, protection and legal assistance. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 24/10/2016)