OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - Greater commitment of Catholics in politics: The Glynn Institute's launch

Friday, 21 October 2016 politics   evangelization   migrants   civil society   solidarity   formation   university  

Sydney (Agenzia Fides) - The Institute, named after Patrick McMahon Glynn, one of the drafters of the Australian Constitution, has been established to provide the Catholic community with a standing capacity to analyse public policy issues of concern and to find the paths for the common good.
As Fides learns, the Institute launched its new public policy think tank on 13 October and will serve, explained Director Michael Casey, to support the work that the Catholic Church and its services provide to the Australian community. The Institute began its work with a seminar which touched four key words for the presence of the baptized in public life: ‘Fear and Anger, Hope and Confidence: Reframing our shared Landscapes.
The institute's task will be to contribute to a deeper reflection on the problems that arise in the political and social debate: it will address issues, challenges, important problems for the Australian community as a whole, as for example, the issue of migrants , the presence and the social integration of Syrian refugees, the role of personal conscience in medicine, questions that touch human rights.
Patrick McMahon Glynn, one of the drafters of the Australian Constitution: "Today is an excellent inspiration for this work. A prolific writer, a painstaking researcher, immensely learned, fearless, urbane; a Catholic, and very much his own man, the future of his country being his main focus", remarked Casey. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 21/10/2016)