AMERICA/BRAZIL - The Bishop of Rondonopolis after the murder of the priest: "We will continue to do what father João Paulo did"

Thursday, 13 October 2016 violence   missionary animation   missionaries killed  

Rondonópolis (Agenzia Fides) - "The violent death of Father João Paulo Noll has shocked the people of God of the diocese and the entire city of Rondonópolis. Many people ask themselves: why did it happen? What is the meaning? Does it make sense? Is there an answer? After days of prayer and meditation on God's Word, we understand that an answer will always be partial and possible only starting from our faith. So we ask Catholics and all people of good will to remain firm in faith, to defend the values, proposing a culture of peace and harmony", reads the note released by the Diocese of Rondonópolis-Guiratinga (Mato Grosso, Brazil), signed by the Bishop of the diocese, His Exc. Mgr. Juventino Kestering, with the date of 11 October, on the tragic death of the priest.
From the information gathered by Fides, the police had asked for a news blackout after the report of his disappearance, on Saturday, October 8, and the discovery of his body on the following Sunday, with clear signs of violence. Police stopped the alleged murderers while they were trying to sell some objects belonging to the priest, and they confessed the theft which ended in murder. Father João Paulo Noll, 35, had agreed to give the three young drug adicts aged 17, a lift along a suburban street. They stole his wallet, car and mobile phone, but the police are still investigating the reasons of the murder.
We must thank God, continues the Bishop’s statement, for Father João Paulo’s service in his parish in the city, in the diocese. He brought together more than 5000 people when he celebrated Masses, he also led a radio and television program entitled "God takes care of me" (Deus cuida de mim).
"We will continue to do what father J. Paulo did: proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be his witnesses, to defend life, to bring peace and fraternity. There is need to change this violent unjust world, in a more human dimension, in harmony for a fraternal coexistence", concluded Mgr. Juventino Kestering. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 13/10/2016)