AFRICA/KENYA - Bishops choose a woman who will select a new electoral commission

Thursday, 22 September 2016 politics   bishops  

Nairobi (Agenzia Fides) – Kenya conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has selected Mrs. Bernadette Musundi, to a nine-member team that will select a new electoral commission. This is what the Kenyan Bishops decided during a meeting of national religious leaders, held in Nairobi, on 19 September.
Every religious denomination appointed its own representative that, together with the four appointed by the Parliamentary Service Commission, will then choose 11 names to be submitted to the Head of State. The President will pick seven from the 11, one chairperson and six full-time commissioners. The two Houses will have seven days to vet the nominees and approve the names before they are sworn into office. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 22/09/2016)