ASIA/INDIA - Lepers and refugees at the celebration of Mother Teresa in Orissa

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Bhubaneswar (Agenzia Fides) - Lepers, refugees, the poor, children who are taken care by the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and Brothers run by the Sisters of Mother Teresa in Orissa (eastern state of India) were present among the two thousand faithful who took part in the thanksgiving ceremony for the canonization of Mother Teresa, organized by the Catholic Church in Orissa.
As reported to Fides, on September 11, 20 Priests, nuns along with Missionaries of Charity Brothers and Sisters of Bhubaneswar, and the faithful gathered together in St. Vincent’s Pro-Cathedral Parish, Bhubaneswar to celebrate the event.
Sr. Olivet, regional Superior of the Missionaries of Charity in Orissa, thanked the community on behalf of patients, widows, orphans, differently able persons, downtrodden, the sick, people both men women, children who are taken care by the Missionaries of Charity in the state. The poor strongly wanted to be present for the thanksgiving ceremony, since "through Mother Teresa every one feels that God takes care of him", she said.
"Saint Mother Teresa is a model of a good human being in the modern age. People who were abandoned, neglected, not cared, not respected, not recognized Saint Mother Teresa gave human dignity by serving them in love, in total commitment and fidelity and fraternity", said Archbishop John Barwa in the Eucharist which he presided. "Her life witness and her example as 'Mother of the Poor' eloquently speaks to everyone, believers and non-believers, and are as clearly visible as the city set on a hill, mentioned in the Gospel", he added.
"We are here to thank God for the light that has reached each one of us and the whole world through Mother Teresa. This great woman of our time, this valiant Gospel messenger whose life was deeply marked by love, is now Saint. Let us therefore look to her as an example and a source of inspiration", concluded Sr. Samuela, Missionary of Charity in Orissa. (PA-SD) (Agenzia Fides 12/09/2016)