ASIA/IRAQ - Initial reactions to the initiatives made in the USA for the creation of a "protected" area for religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain

Monday, 12 September 2016 sectaniarism   religious minorities

Baghdad (Agenzia Fides) - The intention to submit to the US Congress a resolution sponsored by both Republican and Democrat politicians to demand the establishment of an autonomous province in the Nineveh Plain "under the banner of protection of minorities", is actually the first step to implement "the infamous draft of Joe Biden to divide Iraq and weaken it". This is also supported by the Shiite parliamentary Ferdous al Awadi, a very active representative of the Iraqi National Alliance. "The US – said the Shiite political representative to Iraqi sources - are preparing to divide Iraq through an already prepared plan, which must be realized after the defeat of Daesh". A plan that, according to Ferdous al Awadi, actually harms the right to self-determination of the peoples living in the region, and contributes to fomenting sectarian centrifugal forces with the intent to "cancel Iraq off the map". The Mp urged all Iraqis not to support the realization of plans, conceived out of Iraq, which in her view point to further plunge the country into the maelstrom of sectarian strife.
The vehement assertions of the Iraqi parliamentary arrive after the National Convention promoted in recent days (7-9 September) by the US non-profit organization In Defense of Christians (IDC), and dedicated to the theme "Beyond Genocide: Preserving Christianity in the Middle East" (see Fides 10/09/2016). The idea of putting pressure on the US Congress to support the creation of a "protected area" for religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain was re-launched during the convention, with the consent of the local authorities and in collaboration with both the central government in Baghdad and with policy makers of the autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan. US congressmen present at the Convention have already expressed their support to the initiative. (GV) (Agenzia Fides 12/09/2016)