AFRICA/GUINEA - "Do not attempt the American adventure", says a responsible of an association to African refugees

Thursday, 8 September 2016 migrants  

Conakry (Agenzia Fides) -The path of West African migrants travelling to the US is even more dangerous than those who try to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean, says a survey of Guinéenews that had already interviewed on the matter 'The Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea in Washington (see Fides 31/08/2016). The newspaper points out that many Guineans are attracted by the "American dream" without realizing the risks they will face.
Thanks to the opening of Brazil to Africa it is easy to get a visa for Brazil from where migrants embark on a journey on foot, by canoe, by bus, for 11,000 km and 11 South and Central American countries to get to the border between Mexico and the United States.
A journey fraught with dangers for the presence of armed gangs of drug trafficker networks and exploiters for whom human life is worth nothing, which involves the crossing of the Amazon forest, the border with Colombia and Central American Countries. A journey that can last months in solitude, living in constant danger.
Once they present themselves at the US Border, migrants try to cross it secretly. Those who are arrested by the United States Border Police are assisted by some associations such as the "Tabernacle African Caribbean Refugee Association". This association was established in 2011, its headquarters is in San Diego (California) and assists refugees from Burundi, Cameroon, Haiti, Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Togo, Niger, Nigeria and Somalia, to seek asylum in the United States. Through the association asylum-seekers detained in American prisons are put in contact with relatives and friends living in the United States or with churches and religious groups that help them in their application for asylum.
"I do not recommend anyone to take this path and these dangerous methods to come to the US" - said Abdoulaye Diallo one of the association's leaders. It is a suicide, migrants are left to themselves. In some Countries, people are killed for nothing, and smugglers are real sadists, rapists. All women are raped. Nobody in Guinea must give money to their child to try this adventure", he concluded. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 08/09/2016)