AMERICA/COLOMBIA - Illegal immigrants in Colombia still at risk of "coyotes", the church excluded and threatened

Tuesday, 9 August 2016 refugees   area crisis   human trafficking  

Turbo (Agenzia Fides) - In Turbo there are still about 350 illegal immigrants, of whom 1,800 were in the municipality of Antioquia in May.
This is what was stated in a note sent to Fides, of the migration office in Colombia, and also said that the reduction is due, among other reasons, to a type of voluntary deportation carried out by more than 1,350 foreigners to return to the country of origin. This is one way out for immigrants who still live in the town of Uraba, so as to avoid dangerous journeys.
In an official statement released by the organization reads: "We are concerned about what could happen to these irregular migrants if they decide to follow journeys under promises of criminal gangs involved in the smuggling of migrants. We are also concerned because they still live in areas that are not designed to accommodate people. This is why we invite them to come to the headquarters of Colombia migration, in order to define their immigration status".
Unfortunately the reality is that large numbers of illegal immigrants, have ventured towards the forest to the north. A journey with many risks of all kinds. Last week, Fides received reports that Father Manuel Gregorio Paternina, head of communications for the diocese of Apartadó, in the initiative to accompany a group of illegal immigrants in their journey was stopped by men engaged in illegal activities of people. The priest was accompanied by human rights activist from Holland. Los "Coyotes" normally receive migrants who leave Turbo to undertake the jungle of Darien and take them to the border with Panama, where one has to pay more money so that the indigenous population of the area help them enter that country. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 09/08/2016)