ASIA/INDIA - First intervention of the Camillian Disaster Service International in the area of Bihar

Monday, 8 August 2016 solidarity  


Patna (Agenzia Fides) - "A tragedy foretold, this is how a journalist of News 18, defined the floods that hit in particular the Bihar region bordering Nepal. There is very little reliable news". Marco Iazzolino, international vice coordinator of the Camillian Task Force, a body of the Camillian Order of the Ministers of the Sick active since 2001, speaks to Agenzia Fides. "They are more than 2 million people affected, hundreds of thousands of displaced and at least a hundred of deaths. Certainly the flooding was caused by heavy rains in the Terai area (Nepal) that caused the rivers to overflow". "This is not enough to describe the dramatic nature of the requests for help that reach the religious Camillians in India", continues Iazzolino. "As Camillians we have just completed the formal process of recognition of a Foundation called Camillian Disaster Service International (Cadis) that has given shape and continuity to the work of the CTF. To bring our solidarity, Cadis India along with Caritas have decided to create a major health intervention team to help in the first phase of an emergency and accompany in a second phase of support. Cadis India team is in Bangalore to take stock of the logistics as well as an action guideline in view of the departure for Patna, Bihar's capital and epicenter of the damage caused by the floods in recent days. The team consists of seven people led by Father Shju and Joji of Cadis India and Sister Stepheena, a doctor. There are also 4 nurses who will have the task of taking care of the first phase of the intervention to be followed by organized actions. After an initial moment in Patna in the diocesan center where medicines will be collected, the team will move to Supaul district where they will be hosted by the local community and with the people will create the first logistics platform for aid in the area", concludes the team manager. (AP/MI) (Agenzia Fides 08/08/2016)