ASIA/INDIA - Bible studies teach forgiveness to believers of all religions in the Year of Mercy

Thursday, 4 August 2016 year of mercy   local churches   social communications   bible  

Nagpur (Agenzia Fides) – By attending and following the biblical study Course promoted during the Year of Mercy by "the Catholic Information Center" (CIC) in Nagpur (in central India) gave Sushma Suryawanshi, a Buddhist who became Christian, "the strength to forgive those who hurt me". This is one of the testimonies collected by the Catholic Information Center" (CIC) in Nagpur.
As reported to Fides by CIC, Sushma Suryawanshi said: "By better understanding the figure of Christ I could forgive and deeply love my husband who abused alcohol. From Jesus I had the strength to forgive and love people who accused me unjustly".
The Center's promoters have proposed the biblical studies to Hindus, Muslims and Christians: "The Holy Bible was written centuries ago, but the written verses are useful in the present time to have a happy life: this is why we must read the Bible in prayer, and understand the deep meaning of the words of Jesus", they say.
The Archbishop of Nagpur, Mgr. Viruthakulangara Abraham is among the promoters of CIC, and had the idea to spread and open the Bible courses to lay people to foster "greater understanding of the message of the Bible". The Archbishop, with the decisive support of the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul, encouraged lay people to participate in the course, and invited them to follow the example of Jesus, his forgiveness and mercy.
In a year of pastoral work, CIC has reached many people and organizations in the area of Nagpur, regardless of religious differences. "We are willing to enter into a relationship with people and organizations who want to talk to us and listen to them", explained to Fides Sister Suman Tigga, of the Daughters of St. Paul, director of CIC. The courses promoted by CIC are widespread in all the parishes in the diocese and activities include interfaith gatherings and meetings for children, elders, catechists, carried out also through the use of modern technologies. (PA-LM) (Agenzia Fides 04/08/2016)