AMERICA/PARAGUAY - "Stop to corruption!": triennium in the hands of the youth begins

Monday, 11 July 2016 youth   politics   missionary animation  

Caacupé (Agenzia Fides) - The Catholic Church of Paraguay is asking young people to be leaders in the next three years, in order to fight corruption.
This challenge, as the Bishop of Villarrica del Espíritu Santo, His Exc. Mgr. Ricardo Jorge Valenzuela Rios explained, implies the eradication of this evil, which generates poverty, poverty that spreads in large cities and multiplies the "marginalized" of society, the poor.
This is what Mgr. Valenzuela, who is the President of the National Youth Ministry Commission, yesterday said to thousands of young people from all over the country, who participated in the launch of the triennium at the Sanctuary of Caacupé, on the day of the first anniversary of the Pope's visit in Paraguay (see Fides 17/06/2016).
According to information sent to Fides by local sources, the Triennium consists of a series of training activities, of denunciation and commitment in social activities by young Catholics in parishes and ecclesial movements. Citing Pope Francis, Mgr. Valenzuela said: "We do not want to 'balconear' (Pope's expression that means watch from afar) life, we do not want to look at human and social problems from the outside".
"This preferential option for young people, leads us necessarily to go upwind - concluded the Chairman of the National Youth Ministry Commission - because this beautiful land of Paraguay has historically suffered many evils... corruption like gangrene of society, poverty and misery that extend to the suburbs of large cities, the indigenous people and peasants who still suffer abuse and lack of respect for their rights. It is time to say 'enough' to all this". (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 11/07/2016)