ASIA/BANGLADESH - The Bishops: forgiveness and mercy after the massacre

Monday, 4 July 2016 year of mercy   terrorism   violence   islam   religious minorities   human rights   forgiveness   local churches  

Dhaka (Agenzia Fides) - Abandon all forms of violence to embrace forgiveness and mercy: this is what a message of the Catholic Bishops of Bangladesh say in the aftermath of the terrorist massacre on July 1 which killed 20 people in a restaurant in Dhaka. "Violence in the name of religion is always wrong.
We must all recover the human trait that leads to the respect of dignity and peace", the text notes, as His Exc. Mgr. Gervas Rozario, Bishop of Rajshahi reports to Fides. The Bishop explains to Agenzia Fides the contents of the message: "We condemn the violence of terrorism that has contempt for human life and we invite everyone to be touched and transformed by values such as mercy and forgiveness, which are the authentic traits of a human being" he notes. "We fully participate in the mourning in which the country is in and we pray for the souls of the victims and their families, expressing deep sympathy", the Bishop continued.
The small Bengali Church (less than 1% of the population) yesterday, Sunday, July 3, commemorated the victims. "In all the nation's churches, the holy masses yesterday were offered for the victims of terrorism. And even today, every local community will organize a prayer vigil and Eucharistic Adoration, to participate spiritually and offer God this tragic moment", said Mgr. Rozario. "As Bangladeshi Catholics, our work to do good to the nation through social apostolate, schools, hospitals, Caritas, will continue, benefiting the citizens of all walks of life, religion, ethnicity and culture", he concludes. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 04/07/2016)

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