ASIA/CHINA - The orphans of Da Ming celebrate Father's Day for priests who take care of them

Thursday, 23 June 2016 local churches   orders   minors  


Han Dan (Agenzia Fides) - The disabled children, abandoned by their parents, and the orphans welcomed at the Don Bosco Institute of Da Ming, in the Diocese of Han Dan, celebrated "Father's Day", celebrating the priests who take care of them and consider them their fathers. Father's Day is celebrated in China every third Sunday of June.
The priests of the diocesan seminary community of the Sacred Heart give spiritual assistance to the nuns who run the Institute and host the children. The children wanted to celebrate the priests on Father's Day and sent flowers made with their hands to other priests who were not present, who in turn take care of them.
The Don Bosco Institute in Da Ming was born in 1984 when Sister Wu Yong Bo, of the Congregation of the Mother of God, at the time eighty, welcomed a disabled baby girl who was left in front of the church door. From that moment the elderly nun decided to take care of these children.
In October 1994, the Don Bosco Institute was officially opened in a building suitable to the needs of these children.
To date about 300 disabled children, abandoned, orphans have been welcomed with love here. Many of them were able to go to college or were adopted by families chosen and followed by the nuns. To raise the necessary funds for the Institute, the sisters also participated in the annual marathon in Beijing. Thanks to them, to the priests and to the generosity of so many lay faithful, the Institute now also offers professional courses for adults with disabilities, professional qualification for those affected by cerebral palsy, also organizes meetings to improve training and the social life of these children. Today there are 61 children at the Institute. (NZ) (Agenzia Fides 23/06/2016)