AFRICA/NIGERIA - Bishops' concern: "safety is in danger, the cooperation of all is necessary, from individuals to the government"

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 bishops   violence  

Abuja (Agenzia Fides) - "Without security, all plans for the development of a Country could remain a mirage", say the Bishops of Nigeria in a statement in which they express their "grave concern" over "the unacceptable increase in the degree of violence in the Country which has raised the level of insecurity in almost all aspects our public and private life".
"From north to south, east to west – says the document sent to Agenzia Fides - clashes between marauding criminals who claim to be herdsmen and the local populations now threaten our mutual co-existence. In many parts of the Country, the spate of kidnapping and armed-robbery has made travelling on our roads and retiring in our homes a nightmare for many Nigerians".
In the Niger Delta region many militants have renewed their violent activities, rich in oil, and the frustration os young people who "in some parts of the Country are protesting their continued political marginalization and economic deprivation, leading to the loss of many promising lives as a result of clashes between them and the security forces".
The Bishops therefore launch an appeal to the government "to take more seriously its duty of protecting the life and property of every Nigerian, bearing in mind that this is the primary responsibility of any Government".
"In the same vein, we urge all Nigerians to assume their individual and collective responsibilities in the task of building a solid and vibrant nation, by respecting the existing laws and by using peaceful channels to resolve issues that may arise". "Although it is the responsibility of the Government to make and enforce laws, the Citizens equally need to realize that no Government can be expected to direct the personal life of every of its Citizens. There is therefore a need for the conversion of hearts for all", conclude the Bishops (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 14/06/2016)