AMERICA/ARGENTINA - The Church of Jujuy before the crisis: "attention must be given to the most vulnerable"

Monday, 6 June 2016 politics   poverty   area crisis  

Jujuy (Fides) - "At the moment needs are increasing because life is more expensive and attention should be paid to those who are the most vulnerable": stressed the Bishop of Jujuy, His Exc. Mgr. Cesar Daniel Fernandez, speaking with journalists yesterday, after Sunday Mass. According to the note sent to Fides from a local source, the Bishop also said he had spoken with governor, Gerardo Morales, and that he had offered the contribution of the Church.
"I offered the support of the Church, with facilities such as Caritas or the social reception that takes place in each of our parishes", he explained, noting that the needs of the population are heard mainly through priests.
The Bishop emphasized "the bad moment that the province is experiencing" and added: "we await the spring with some good news, such as work and aid for families". Finally, he complained about the politicization of social issues: "We must join forces in order to help others and leave aside political ideologies, each of which has its vision of reality. At the moment we have to offer ideas to overcome this crisis".
The social situation in Jujuy, in northern Andes on the border between Bolivia and Chile, is terrible: many have lost their jobs due to factory closures and extreme poverty has increased. On May 25 Mgr. Fernandez had already pointed out the terrible crisis that the province is experiencing, during a meeting with trade union and political party representatives. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 06/06/2016)