ASIA/SYRIA - Yet another attack with three victims in the area of Qamishli inhabited by Christians

Monday, 23 May 2016 terrorism  

Syriac International News Agency

Qamishli (Agenzia Fides) – The terrorist attack carried out in "Miami street", in Wusta district, inhabited mostly by Christians, in the late evening of Saturday, May 21 in the center of Qamishli, Syria's second largest city in the northeastern province of Hassaké, caused at least three dead and an undetermined number of wounded. "The three victims" refers to Agenzia Fides Abuna Hanna, of the Syriac Catholic Archdiocese of Hassaké-Nisibi "are three Syriac Christians: Abdulmehis Lahdo, Karam Sacid Samcun and Tuma Yusuf Eliyo". According to what some survivors reported, a commando of at least 3 bombers sowed terror shooting and throwing bombs in the street,. Some reconstructions, yet to be verified, also speak of suicide bombers that detonated a bomb.
The official media of the Syrian government attributed the attack to jihadist groups such as the Islamic State. But local independent sources point out that recently tensions in Qamishli area have led to armed clashes between government forces and Kurdish militias, which aim to control and assert its hegemony over the whole area.
In the same area of Qamishli, on 20 December, the attacks against two restaurants belonging to Christian owners had claimed the lives of 13 Christians and six Muslims. Then, on 24 January, another attack in "Miami Street" had caused three dead and 10 wounded (see Fides 25/01/2016). "It is another of the disturbing factors of this war: there is terrorism, but sometimes we do not know who really terrifies us", said on that occasion to Agenzia Fides Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo, at the head of the Syrian Catholic Archieparchy in Hassaké-Nisibis. (GV) (Agenzia Fides 23/05/2016)