AMERICA/CUBA - Mgr. Garcia Rodriguez new Archbishop of Havana: "A more effective dialogue"

Monday, 23 May 2016 bishops   dialogue   politics  

Havana (Agenzia Fides) - The new Metropolitan Archbishop of Havana, His Exc. Mgr. Juan de la Caridad García Rodriguez, launched an appeal during the Mass which he presided in the Cathedral yesterday, Sunday, May 22, so that dialogue between the Catholic Church and the government of the island continues.
"Your presence here invites us and encourages us to continue with dialogue, which can be more effective, more real, so that the Church can find other spaces for its evangelizing mission, liturgy, educational mission and charity towards the poor", said the Archbishop in front of the Vice President of Cuba, Salvador Valdes Mesa, and the head of the Office for Religious Affairs of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), Caridad Diego, who was present at the ceremony.
It was a very emotional moment for all when the new Archbishop, at the time of taking possession of his diocese, was welcomed by his predecessor, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, who was waiting at the entrance of the church to give him the pastoral staff. The Cathedral was packed and a large crowd had to follow the solemn Mass on giant screens that were installed in the square outside the church.
Mgr. Juan de la Caridad García Rodriguez was born in Camagüey on 11 July 1948. He was ordained a priest on 25 January 1972. He has served in several parishes. He was also founder and director of the School for missionaries of the Diocese of Camagüey. On 15 March 1997 he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Camagüey, and received episcopal ordination on June 7, 1997. On 10 June 2002 he was appointed Archbishop of Camagüey. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 23/05/2016)