AMERICA/ECUADOR - "Let us not stop aid": volunteers are concerned about the earthquake victims

Friday, 6 May 2016 earthquake   area crisis   poverty   missionary institutes  

Arcidiocesi Guayaquil

Portoviejo (Agenzia Fides) - First breakfast, lunch and a snack: this is what homeless families, volunteer rescuers and firefighters receive every day, thanks to the work of a large group of faithful organized by the Capuchin missionaries in Portoviejo after the earthquake on April 16th
(See Fides 18, 20 and 29/04/2016). Every day 3,600 meals are distributed.
"The tragedy has made the solidarity of many people visible, who come together to bring chicken, beef, rice, oil and other things, although now we are beginning to run out of supplies. We want to continue to help, but we do not have the means", says fra Felipe Intriago, a member of the Juan XXIII movement, in the note sent to Fides by the archdiocese of Guayaquil.
In this action of solidarity in Portoviejo, one of the areas most affected by the earthquake, people from different ecclesial movements work together, such as the Legion of Mary, Charismatic Renewal, church groups, who voluntarily prepare and serve food every day. In Addition to this, there are many Initiatives that the Catholic Church in the province of Manabi are doing to help people affected by the earthquake. There is now concern not to stop this aid, so that all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Guayaquil have become collection centers for aid to earthquake victims and rescuers. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 06/05/2016)