AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - "He is not here, he has risen! Inni as hin jiru; ka'eera!": Easter in Robe mission

Tuesday, 3 May 2016 evangelization  


Kofale (Agenzia Fides) - "Easter was characterized by rain and darkness. We were without electricity on Holy Saturday and Sunday. Foreseeing that there would not be enough room in the church, we prepared the water for baptism and liturgy in the churchyard of our little church in Kofale. All well prepared with grass, flowers and a strong lamp, but electricity did not come back". Father Angelo Antolini, Apostolic Prefect of Robe, tells Agenzia Fides how he celebrated holy Easter, on Sunday, May 1 with his community.
"It rained all afternoon - he continues - and it was not easy to manage the 180 people attending the vigil, but we did it and enjoyed it. We arranged a generator for the night and during the procession of light there was less rain. Once we were in church and all was in order, those of Kofale, Gode and Denda, those who were to receive baptism, confirmation and other sacraments, the little children had their place to sit and sleep if necessary.
The Liturgy of the Word took place in an orderly manner. Every three readings I left space for reflection. At 1am it was the moment of the water liturgy. It seemed the rain had stopped. As soon as we went out it started raining again and a big lamp was not working. There was a bit of panic to find a solution with another lamp arranged then and there. There was great emotion for the neophytes. Some even expressed the joy for the beginning of a new life. The presence of the Spirit of the risen Lord was palpable, almost physical. We finished before three in the morning". "On this Easter night - concludes Father Angelo – during the reading of the Gospel: ... he is not here; It has risen! - Inni as hin jiru; ka'eera !, I cannot describe the great joy I felt, surrounded by the Love of all my brothers". (AP) (Agenzia Fides 03/05/2016)