ASIA/INDIA - The Mass explained to young people, for the 400th anniversary of the Church of St. Andrew

Monday, 25 April 2016 youth   local churches  

St. Andrew Church

Mumbai (Agenzia Fides) - The Jubilee of the 400th anniversary of the founding of St. Andrew's Church in Bandra, in Mumbai, was the occasion for a special celebration dedicated to the young: it was a Holy Mass animated with theatrical dramatizations and music, as explained by Fr. Caesar D'Mello, the pastor of St. Andrew’s church. Furthermore, "the different moments of the Mass were explained in their deeper meaning, involving those present".
"It was our intention, in programming the Jubilee of the local Church - says the priest - to organize a special Mass for young people in Mumbai. Hence the idea to celebrate it with a choir from different parishes, and then followed by an entertainment program, in which artists from all over the city performed. The general feeling is that our young people deserve more pastoral attention: we must do more for them, because, after all, the future belongs to the young".
The joyous celebration, which was also attended by many adults, was also marked by the original "prayer against slavery".
In his homily Jesuit Fr. Errol Fernandes explained that "the Mass is not a ritual, but an event that makes God present among us" and that therefore "Christ remains and continues to be there after the final blessing".
St. Andrew's Church in Bandra is one of the oldest churches in Mumbai. It celebrated the 400th anniversary of the parish elevation, dated 1616. The church was built twenty years earlier, in 1595, by the Portuguese Jesuits, in the maritime area. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 25/04/2016)