ASIA/HOLY LAND - The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: Israel behaves as a theocratic State

Friday, 15 April 2016 sectaniarism

Jerusalem (Agenzia Fides) - Israel, "although it proclaims itself a secular and democratic State, it is really behaving more and more like a denominational Jewish military regime". This is how the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Mgr. Fouad Twal, defined the current modus operandi of the Jewish state. The statements of the Head of the Catholic Church of Latin rite in Holy Land about the current physiognomy of Israeli politics, were expressed by Patriarch Twal in the rich and articulated report he held Thursday, April 14 in Rome at Santa Croce Pontifical University, and dedicated to the current plight of Christians in the Holy Land.
"It is the first time - the Patriarch’s report emphasized, that a Christian minority lives in a Jewish State with all the consequences associated with being a minority; and it is the first case in history where a Jewish majority has a State. But this majority" says Patriarch Twal "continues to behave, and especially to defend itself, as if it were actually a minority, with the temptation of living as a theocratic State inspired by the Bible, and not as a secular State".
The Patriarch stressed that in any case, "even in Israel, the Church is moving on a predominantly Palestinian Arab land, confronted with Muslims and in dialogue with the challenges of the Jewish world". (GV) (Agnzia Fides 15/04/2016)