AMERICA/PERU - Protect life, the family, human values and right: various pro-vida activities in Lima involving adults, children and young people

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Lima (Fides Service) - In the face of persistent, global and determined attacks on human life and the family (birth control abortion, easy divorce, same sex ‘marriages’, euthanasia, manipulation of human embryos etc.) a series of pro-life initiatives have been organised in Lima to promote respect for life, the family, human values and authentic human rights. These initiatives include the 2nd Pro-vida International Congress on the theme “Globalising pro-life Culture” (10-13 November), 1st international pro-vida youth symposium on the theme “Young person, arise and live authentic love” (12-13 Novembere) and 2nd international painting and story competition on the theme A World for Children (10-13 November).
Dr Fernando Carbone, President of the Permanent Commitee and of the Congress organising committee, said the event aims to “offer groups, movements, institutions, a chance to speak in favour of the life and the family and to form bonds and plans ad intra and among nations to face the challenge of ‘globalising pro-life Culture. The programme includes conferences on subjects such as “The value of life from the very start sin”; “Education to love: proper understanding of human sexuality”; “Women in the 21st Century”; “political-juridical situation of pro-life themes”; “globalising pro-life Culture”.
The same themes will be discussed by the 1st International Pro-vida Youth Symposium which will gather over 4,500 young people, 600 hundred from Lima alone. The symposium will be an opportunity to form young leaders willing to bear witness to authentic love and spread the Gospel of Life showing practically that young people are for true values.
Children will also be involved in protecting life and the family with means suited to their age group, painting and story telling. The theme for their painting activity will be “A World for Children”, and the story “the Value of Life”. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 25/10/2005, righe 25, parole 331)