AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - The experience of the missionary children: "Listen to the word, communicate it to those who still do not know it"

Saturday, 9 April 2016


Adaba (Agenzia Fides) - "I want to tell you about the initiative that I am carrying out with my Catholic children in Adaba" says to Fides Don Giuseppe Ghirelli, a diocesan fidei donum missionary. "Every week, on Thursday afternoon I go to Herero, 5 km from Adaba, where we have a kindergarten and primary school and a small church. There are no Catholics, the majority are Muslims and a few Orthodox Christians. Six children who belong to the Dodola children’s home come with me to celebrate Holy Mass. While I was preparing for Mass I saw some children arrive, I invited them to come in and everyone came to church. With the help of the catechist we got to know each other. Before beginning the Mass, I gave them some explanation on the sign of the cross and I realized that for some it was the first time they did it. After the Mass, the Dodola children, with whom we read and color pages of the Gospel during the week, become little missionaries, forming groups and telling the children who are present the story of Jesus. For some of them it was the first time they heard about Jesus. Then they played, made friends, had fun with the joy of being able to meet again. Some people passing by were curious, and observed... who knows maybe one day they too will come to church!", said Don Giuseppe. Also the Holy Childhood Office of Missio is involved in this missionary activity. "When I went to see them they gave me missionary pencils, a Missio backpack and notebooks for the children. The question 'what is the meaning of the backpack and missionary material we gave' one of the girls said: we come to church, listen to what the priest tells us about the gospel, and we communicate it to those who still do not know him. A perfect synthesis of the missio ad gentes: listening to the word - to communicate it to those who still do not know it", concluded the missionary. (AP/GG) (Agenzia Fides 09/04/2016)