ASIA/PAKISTAN - Against terrorism, mentality must change through the work of education

Friday, 1 April 2016 religious minorities   terrorism   dialogue   peace   culture   education  

OFM Cap Lahore

Lahore (Agenzia Fides) - "Today many young people in Pakistan are brainwashed and then kill or become suicide bombers in the name of God. These heinous attacks will continue unless a change of mentality and culture takes place all together in pakistan: parents, teachers, religious leaders of all faiths, social and political leaders, all those who have influence on public opinion": the analysis is given to Fides by Fr. Inayat Bernard, Rector of the St. Mary minor Seminary in Lahore, after the Easter massacre, which took place in Lahore, which caused, according to the official toll, 78 victims (54 Muslims and 24 Christians) and more than 300 injured.
Speaking to Fides, the Rector explains: "Violence will continue until the respect for humanity, tolerance and the fear of God is not preached by the leaders of all religions", noting the need in all places of worship and for all religious leaders to become promoters of peace and harmony.
"The enemies of the nation - continues Fr. Inayat - continue with their inhuman plans to destabilize the country. People of good will pray for these terrorist elements, so that God changes their hearts and their minds, and can put their moral energies at the service of prosperity and development of Pakistan.
Next to a "coherent action of the army and the government in stopping and preventing violence, in order to ensure peace and harmony in the country, there is the responsibility of all 200 million Pakistani citizens, of any religion, called to live and contribute to the stability and prosperity of the nation", remarked the priest. For such a change to take place, said Fr. Inayat, school and the formation of the younger generation, through the work of education is necessary: from here the construction of an open-minded, tolerant, peaceful, inclusive mentality begins. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 01/04/2016)