EUROPE/SPAIN - Spanish-American Day: 970 Spanish fidei donum priests on mission in Latin America.

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Spanish-American Day

Madrid (Agenzia Fides) – Next Sunday, 6 March, "Latin-American Day" with this year’s theme "Prophets of Marcy", is promoted by the Missions Commission of the Spanish Catholic Bishops’ Conference and OCSHA (Organisation for Spanish-American Priestly Cooperation).
To mark the annual Day, representatives of local Churches of Latin America and Spain meet to discuss activities aimed at intensifying communion, collaboration and solidarity between these closely connected peoples and nations. It is also a day to remember all Spanish missionaries in Latin America. According to information issued for the occasion today 970 Spanish fidei donum priests are on missionary service in Latin America.
Toledo is the Spanish diocese with the highest number of missionaries in Latin America, Fides learns. “Today, the report says, we express and renew our gratitude to the 31 priests from Toledo serving the Church in Latin American countries, those who are members of OCSHA, and all Spanish, sisters and brothers, priests and lay persons Fidei Donum missionaries for the evangelisation of those lands. Since 1959, on this day of special celebration we remember the numerous missionaries with prayers and church communion made explicit in cooperation among the local Churches " the note concludes.
(CE) (Agenzia Fides, 03/03/2016)