AMERICA/MEXICO - Cuban immigrants stranded in Mexico

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 refugees   politics  

Chiapas (Agenzia Fides) - Cuban immigrants now have a fast-track to enter the United States, starting from Central America to the northern border of Mexico. The Mexican government in fact grants them temporary residence permits, but many of them stop in Tapachula and Chiapas, because they remain without money and wait to receive support from their families. According to the local press the number will increase after the agreement reached last week between Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, which now allows the passage of more than 8,000 Cubans who were stranded in Costa Rica at the end of 2015, as the Nicaraguan government prevented the transit through its territory (see Fides 25/11/2015; 03/12/2015; 28/12/2015; 29/12/2015).
A group of them tried to reach Miami, but they came back because of the controls, and were welcomed at the "El Buen Pastor" migrant's house, which mainly houses Central American migrants. In late October 2015, Fr. Cesar Cañaveral asked for the support for Cuban immigrants. "Before around 20 arrived every day, but in October the situation plummeted, and we began to see up to 300 in a single day, while the INM, the National Institute of Migration, gave the pass after three days", said Father Cañaveral.
The note sent to Fides informs that the Mexican government has begun providing a pass that grants Cubans a permit to stay in the country for 20 days, to continue their journey through Mexico to the United States, although not everyone manages to reach the border. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 19/01/2016)