ASIA/INDIA - Dialogue between Vishnus and Christians

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 dialogue   hinduism  

Tirupati (Agenzia Fides) - In India there is need to bear witness to the power of prayer combined with action to build a community of peace and harmony: this is the result of the recent session of dialogue between Christians and Vishnus, which was attended by the Office for Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenism in the Bishops' Conference of India.
"Vishnuism" is one of the three main branches of contemporary Hinduism. Its followers consider Vishnu as supreme divinity. An estimated 580 million of devout Hindus are Vishnus.
The dialogue session sponsored and organized in a Hindu temple in Tirupati, in Andhra Pradesh, was attended by 20 delegates among Christians of different denominations and Vishnu faithful. In the meeting, says to Fides Sister Teresa Joseph, Undersecretary of the Office for Interreligious Dialogue, we cited the "Nostra Aetate", the Second Vatican Council's Declaration on the Relationship of the Church with Non-Christian Religions, stressing opening character, dialogue and prayer. The meeting was marked by moments of song and silence that created a climate of peaceful coexistence and sharing among believers. The theme of prayer, explained in different forms was at the center of common reflection. "In an atmosphere of deep listening and in an attitude of genuine prayer, we were offered different views on prayer, which opened the possibility of further sharing, dialogue and reflection. Each of those present showed keen interest and participated actively in the dialogue and confrontation", says Sister Joseph.
"The experience of dialogue between Christians and Vishnus - concluded the religious - contributed to strengthening interreligious relations and spiritually enriched those present, and all agreed in the need to continue this path". (PA) (Agenzia Fides 13/01/2016)