AMERICA/CHILE - “We believers and all men and women of goodwill face an enormous challenge: to propose values of hope to our world, young people in particular”: appeal from Standing Committee of the Chilean Bishops’ Conference

Friday, 14 October 2005

Santiago de Chile (Fides Service) - Public institutions have the duty “to guarantee the people a healthy and dignified life. It is necessary to appreciate the beauty of mature and faithful sexuality, aware of its capacity to form a family and to welcome children as fruits of love. We must say openly that sexual promiscuity offends human dignity, leads to the break up of marriage and a decadent society. We believers and all men and women of goodwill have an enormous challenge to propose values of hope to our world and our young people in particular: the humanisation of life, authentic dignity of every person, man and woman. A woman or any other person may not be treated as an object of pleasure to discard after use”.
This was said by the Standing Committee of the Chilean Bishops’ Conference in a statement “What sort of society to we want?” with regard to a fierce campaign by the Chilean health ministry to promote massive and generalised use of condoms as a means to stop AIDS.
Fully aware of the serious problem the Church says solutions must be in keeping with human dignity and an overall understanding of the human person. “Freedom of choice is legitimate only when it leads to good, when it is just and respectful of human dignity ” the Bishops say, expressing perplexity and concern for the government campaign which fails to go to the root of the problem dealing only with its effect “recommending preventive methods which presuppose permissive behaviour and sexual relations without a sentiment of mature love committed in matrimony and family life”. Consequently basic moral considerations are put aside and sexuality is separated from its procreative dimension, forgetting self-control and reducing the problem to one formula, the preservative.
The statements ends with courage and clarity “if we want a healthy society we must treat every human being as person. Otherwise we will impoverish the human condition whose highest dignity is to be the image and likeness of God”. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 14/10/2005, righe 28, parole 375)