AMERICA/GUATEMALA - March to commemorate Quiché missionary martyrs: one of many PMS activities for Mission Sunday which finds the country struggling with devastation left by hurricane Stan. Church workers operate in all affected areas

Thursday, 13 October 2005

Guatemala City (Fides) - For Mission Sunday in this Year of the Eucharist, Guatemala has chosen the same theme that Pope John Paul II chose for his message “Mission: Bread broken for the life of the world”. “This annual celebration for which we have prepared with intense animation and preparation and distribution of material, posters, prayer schemas, the Pope’s Message will be lived more simply than planned but more deeply in this present situation of national tragedy” said Fr Antonio Bernasconi national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Guatemala. “In this situation the theme is all the more significant and we know we must reach out to many people suffering because of floods and landslides caused by the passage of hurricane Stan. We, the PMS Guatemala, are doing all we can to offer short term assistance and also support for long term rebuilding projects for families who lost their homes. In every affected area the Church is present and active through parishes, movements and religious institutes and Caritas”.
“This year’s Mission Sunday poster reflects the theme of Jesus in the Eucharist ‘Bread broken for the life of the world ’ and the numerous missionaries who also became ‘bread broken for the life of the world’ with their martyrdom” said Bishop Julio Cabrera Ovalle of Jalapa, President of the Bishops Conference’s Missions Commission in his message for Mission Sunday 2005. The Bishop recalled: Mgr. Juan Gerardi, Fr Hermógenes López Coarchita, the missionary martyrs of Quiche (José María Gran Cirera, Juan Alonso, Faustino Villanueva) Franciscan Fr. Tullio Maruzzo, Stanley Rother, missionary from Oklahoma assassinated in Santiago Atitlán, Maryknoll missionary Fr Guillermo Woods who worked in Ixcán. In this perspective on 22 October, eve of Mission Sunday, there will be the March to commemorate Missionary Martyrs of Quiché - bread broken for the life of the world” who were killed 25 years ago.
A PMS handbook “Evangelising with joy with Jesus in the Eucharist” aims to help children, at the school of Mary Woman of the Eucharist understand simply and concretely the missionary importance of the gift of the Eucharist.
On Sunday 23 October at the John Paul II Auditorium, where CAM 2 was held in 2003, thousands of children, parents and families will take part in Mission Sunday Mass presided by Bishop Cabrera Ovalle president of the Missions Commission of the Guatemalan Bishops Conference. The event will be an opportunity to call for solidarity for brothers and sisters suffering the consequences of the fury of nature.(RZ) (Agenzia Fides 13/10/2005, righe 35, parole 460)