ASIA - Young people Heralds of the Gospel

Monday, 26 October 2015 youth  

Bangkok (Agenzia Fides) – Young Asian Catholics are acting as Heralds of the Gospel to tackle difficulties such as moral relativism, discrimination for reasons of religion, poverty and marginalisation: this was affirmed by Youth Pastoral delegates in Asian countries during a recent meeting in Malaysia organised by the Young Peoples’ Desk, at the Office for the Laity and the Family within the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences FABC.
Fides learned that the meeting, attended by 95 delegates from various countries, served to confirm in that Youth Pastoral in local Churches in Asia is bearing fruit: “Our young people are a blessing for our Church and for this we give thanks” reads the final document, sent to Fides. "Young people are in search of identity, the truth and the meaning of life. Like the Samaritan: “With the rapid evolution of Asian societies and the impact of technology, they need of guidance in order to find a purpose and grow in self-esteem”.
One emerging question regarded “young people who become migrants for economic reasons, in certain parts of Asia, the victims of human trafficking, clandestine situations, forced labour are mainly young people”. And if the response of international organisations insists on “education, occupation and commitment”, the Church in Asia recalls “the necessity to build a deeper relationship with God”.
To work in Youth Pastoral, the Asian delegates concluded, means “showing concern and compassion for all, especially those who are despised and marginalised by society; being welcoming and sincerely interested in young people, showing patience, presence and willingness to build authentic relationships; listen to young people with an open mind, without prejudice and with respect in order to initiate meaningful dialogue, leading them to discover the treasures of the teaching and the experience of Christ”. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 26/10/2015)