AMERICA/MEXICO - “The Church in Mexico is encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI not only to work to alleviate suffering but also to eliminate the causes”: Bishops tell people on return from ad limina visit to Rome

Friday, 7 October 2005

Mexico City (Fides Service) - On October 6 the Bishops of Mexico issued a brief statement to inform the people of their recent ad limina visit to Pope Benedict XVI in Rome. The Bishops of this very populous Catholic country visited the Pope in four different groups. They said the Pope had listened carefully to their reports and warmly encouraged them in four separate addresses. He underlined the challenges Mexico faces to build a society of more justice and solidarity, he encouraged Catholics to realise the duties which come with the gift of the faith and to collaborate to transform social structures to make them respond more fully to the dignity and rights of every human person. “The Pope urged us not only to work to alleviate suffering but also to eliminate the causes proposing measures to make social, political and economic structures more just and fair”.
The Pope said that the situation of deteriorating life styles and management of public life, increasing corruption, drug-trafficking, violence, lack of respect for human life, greed for money and power must be countered by promoting a sense of God and the moral principles of Christianity, “temporal realities must be illuminated with the faith and discernment must be used with regard to circumstances, initiatives or passivity which sad to say on certain occasions affect the people of God, and not to neglect the most serious problems and highest aspirations of society indeed to share them and work with enthusiasm to respond to the great queries of the world today”.
The Bishops ended their statement expressing admiration for the warmth, intellectual and moral qualities and admirable simplicity of Benedict XVI: “We Bishops feel fully supported and encouraged to continue with even greater enthusiasm to make our contribution for a society more human and just”. The Bishops called on administrators of public life and the people of God in general to recognise and take up the magnificent challenge outlined by the Supreme Pontiff. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 7/10/2005, righe 25, parole 350)