AMERICA/VENEZUELA - On October 18 in Caracas one million children will recite Rosary for World Peace

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Caracas (Fides Service) - One million children praying with the Blessed Virgin Mary for unity and peace! This is the dream which the Catholic national council for the laity of Venezuela hopes will come true on 18 October, the month of the Rosary prayer and the Missions.
The initiative aims to organise children all over the country to pray the Rosary to ask God for the gift of peace, peace of heart, peace and unity in families, peace in the country and peace in the world. The Rosary has often been recommended by the Popes as a prayer for peace. Pope John Paul II wrote in his apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae: “The Rosary has many times been proposed by my predecessors and myself as a prayer for peace... one cannot recite the Rosary without feeling caught up in a clear commitment to advancing peace” (n.6).
This children’s chorus of prayer for peace will be heard on Tuesday 18 October at 9am in schools, playgrounds, school chapels, in hospitals, homes etc. The initiative involves volunteers, whose only qualification is to be available at 9am on that day and willing to lead local children in prayer. “We rely on this valuable collaboration, indispensable for our dream to come true - the organisers say - We are certain it is will be very worthwhile and that the Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary will shower the world with grace in response to the prayers of so many children”. To take part apply to or call (0212) 2647103 (RG) (Agenzia Fides 28/9/2005, righe 22, parole 307)