ASIA/CHINA - Summer oratories schools of faith and places of evangelisation of children

Monday, 5 September 2005

Beijing (Fides Service) - Summer oratories organised regularly by many dioceses in China always bring abundant fruits of evangelisation among children. Enriched by a month of work and service at the oratory children return to school ready for a new school year having learned a lot about catechism, Sacred Scripture, methods of prayer, hymn singing as well as an experience of Christian brotherhood.
From Beijing, He Bei, Liao Ning north and east, Hai Nan, Guang Dong, Fu Jian in the south good results are reported. More than 800 children and adolescents took part in the Summer oratory in He Bei. In Yan An diocese province of Shaan Xi, 60 young people were confirmed at the end of the month of Oratory. In Tai Yuan diocese, Shan Xi, 280 children made their first Holy Communion and 358 boys and girls were confirmed. A priest in charge of a Summer oratory in Beijing said: “Summer oratories have become schools of faith and places of evangelisation of children. (Agenzia Fides 05/09/2005 Righe: 16 Parole: 189)