AMERICA/BOLIVIA - The Church’s mission and the centrality of the Eucharist in the present situation in Bolivia: theme of 1st Bolivian Missiology Symposium in Cochabamba

Monday, 29 August 2005

Cochabamba (Fides Service) - “Eucharist, Mission and present Bolivian Situation was the theme of the 1st Bolivian Missiology Symposium held in Cochabamba from 18 to 21 August at Maryknoll Mission Centre in Cochabamba. The event which brought together about 100 participants was organised by the Institute of Missiology of the Catholic University of Bolivia in cooperation with the Maryknoll Mission Centre and the Missions Commission of the archdiocese of Cochabamba.
The aim of the Simposium was to “riflect on the mission of the Church and the centrality of the Eucharist in Christian life, particular in the present circumstances in Bolivia”, said Fr Roberto Tomichà Charupà, OFM Conv, Director of the Institute of Missiology, which orgnaised the event. The symposium consisted of conferences, debates and work groups.
The central theme of Day 1 (Friday 19 August) was “Eucharist, national history and situation”. Conferences and talks illustrated the following themes: “Indigenous communities in northern Potosì and southern Oruro in the evangelising work of Carlos Felipe Beltràn (19th century)”; “Memory of popular religosity in southern Bolivia”; “Communion and Mission: historical-teological aspects of eastern Bolivia”; “Eucharist and sacrifices in the world of the Andes. Inculturation in mission”; “the power of the Word and words in the life of native indigenous peoples”; “the Eucharist in the Aymara cosmo-vision”.
The theme for refelection on Day 2 was “Some Missiological foundations and prospects” Missologists gave talks on the following subjects: “Eucharist, principle and project of mission” (Leopoldo Ávila); “The challenges of new areas of mission in the context of the Bolivian situation” (Esteban Judd); “From the Bolivian reality to the world: new paradigm of mission” (Jhonny Montero Irala); “Indigenous peoples, intercultural contact and mission” (Lucas Cerviño); “The sense of solidarity as Christian mission” (Martín Mamani).
Sunday 21 August was devoted to two missionary experiences: “Childhood and missionary animation in the Church in Cochabamba” (Ana Martha Torrez); “Comunication and mission: encounters of popular evangelisation via radio”. After the last refelctions the missionary meeting closed with a solemn celebration of the Eucharist. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 29/8/2005 righe 31 parole 355).