AMERICA/MEXICO - 5th International Retreat for Priests opens today in Monterrey on the theme “Mary your priests want to see Jesus”: 1.900 priests and over 100 bishops from 40 different countries taking part

Monday, 25 July 2005

Monterrey (Fides Service) - Mary your priests want to see Jesus is the theme of the 5th International Retreat for Priests organised by the Latin American Catholic Charismatic Council under the auspices of the Council of Latin American Bishops’ Conferences which opens today in Monterrey (Mexico)”. The retreat 25- 29 July is being held at Monterrey International Centre for Meetings and Exhibitions.
Hosting Archbishop Francisco Robles Ortega of Monterrey stressed the importance of these international retreats which prove to be “experiences of communion for the local Church and for many particolar Churches all over the continent. The aim is to help participants live a joyful experience of meeting Jesus Christ as part of an ongoing journey of conversion, inspired by the power of the Spirit of God who transforms everything and directs the life of every priests towards new and unexpected paths of joyful holiness”.
About 1,900 priests and over 100 bishops from 40 different countries are making the retreat . The main speaker is Archbishop Angelo, the Pope’s Vicar General for Vatican City State. There will also be interventions by Salvatore Martinez, national coordinator for Rnewal in the Spirit in Italy.
On Monday 25, after the opening ceremony, Archbishop Comastri will introduce reflections presenting the theme “this is the time ”, Mark 1,15 with regard to the importance and the risk of time. After a break he will illustrate the theme “God wants us to collaborate; collaboration starts with humility ”. In the afternoon, Salvatore Martinez will speak on “The love of God”.
Other themes illustrated by the two speakers will include: “Jesus is God’s last Word, let us listen to Him with humility”; “Jesus gives us three parables which portray the face of God”; “Sin and Jesus the Saviour”; “Jesus speaks about a special hour (“my hour”): the reaction of the Apostles”; “the Sacrament of Love and the Commandment of Love”; “The Church in the 3rd millennium: charisma and missions”; “Mary, a life of Yes!!”; “What we see we announce to you (1 Jn, 1,3): witness calls for continual encounter with God”.
Friday 29, after the final message, the participants will go to Monterrey Arena for a solemn Mass to close the Retreat and to open the National Youth in the Spirit Meeting ENJES 2005, which takes place here 29 to 31 July and which will bring together over 18,000 young people from all the different dioceses of Mexico and which this year is also an event in preparation for World Youth Day in August in Germany. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 25/7/2005 - Righe 31, Parole 428)