AMERICA/VENEZUELA - “Indigenous Leadership in the Christian Vision”: Meeting for Indigenous Peoples and Missionaries in November

Thursday, 21 July 2005

Caracas (Fides Service) - The Commission for Missions of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Venezuela has convoked the 4th National Meeting for Indigenous Peoples and Missionaries on the theme “Indigenous Leadership in the Christian Vision” to be held in Caracas 24 - 27 November. The meeting is organised by the National Mission Council which comprises the Pontifical Mission Societies in Venezuela, the Venezuelan Bishops Confernence Department for missions and indigenous peoples, the Conference of men and women Religious in Venezuela and the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Schools.
José Rafael Villalobos, secretary of the Bishops’ Department for missions and indigenous peoples told Fides about the event. Previous such meetings have been “important opportunities to reflect on how the Church in Venezuela has succeeded in accompnaying the native peoples, leading to better understanding of the theme of inculturation of the Gospel and promoting the Church in Indigenous zones”.
Information and material in view of the meeting have been distributed and Indigenous communities all over the country have started to reflect on the role of Indigenous leaders past, present and future and in view of the future of these communities. The secretary José Rafael Villalobos said in this way “even those who will not actually take part in the meeting can make their opinions known starting from their situation and offer their contribution in order to ensure an overall vision of the question”. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 21/7/2005 - Righe 21, Parole 265)