AMERICA/CHILE - National Days in Santiago focus on “Eucharist and Masses with Children”, to improve Masses for children in the light of Church teaching and experience

Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Santiago de Chile (Fides Service) - Eucharist and Masses with Children is the theme of this year’s National Days in Chile organised by the Office for Pastoral Care for Children and the Bishops’ Commission for Liturgy with the slogan “Let Little Children Come to Me”. The event 12 - 14 July is being held at Father Hurtado Retreat House in Santiago de Chile.
The main aim of these days of study, reflection and sharing is to deepen understanding of the Eucharist to improve Masses for Children in the light of Church Teaching, esperienze and the religiosità of children. Participants will therefore reflect on the religious experience of children, study and discuss the Directory for Masses with Children; share experience of liturgical celebrations with children; celebrate the presence of God in daily life etc.
At the first two sessions reports were given on experience of Masses with children and some experiences were examined. The programme also includes reflection on children’s knowledge from the point of view of perception and openness to religious themes. Fr. Guillermo Rosas will speak on the theme “Directory for Masses with Children and elements for celebrations”. Study groups will share experience on the themes discussed and present their findings at the final general assembly. The theme for Thursday 14 July will be “Preparation of Masses for groups”. The day will close with a celebration of Mass with local school children. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 13/7/2005, righe 20, parole 282)