ASIA/CHINA - Catholics mourn and pray with affection and gratitude for Cardinal Jaime Sin a giant of faith for all Asia

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Beijing (Fides Service) - Catholics in China are mourning Cardinal Jaime Sin, emeritus Archbishop of Manila in the Philippines, remembering him with affection and gratitude. Masses were said in various parts of the capital for the Cardinal loved in China and all over eastern Asia.
A priest in Beijing told Fides about the reaction of the local Catholics. “History will remember all that Cardinal Sin did for the Catholic Church in China and the Catholic faithful. For example it was he who made it possible for Chinese youth to take part in the World Youth Day in Manila in 1995 presided by Pope John Paul II. He assured the Holy See, the Pope and the universal about the loyalty of Card. Ignazio Kong Pin Mei of Shanghai. He enabled Chinese priests and sisters to study in Manila in order to know about the reform introduced by Vatican II opening a special seminary for the purpose. He visited China several times and met civil and church authorities helping to strengthen the ties between the Church in China and the universal Church and also relations between the peoples of China and the Philippines of which he was a son. Cardinal Sin was a giant of faith for all Asia not only China and Chinese Catholics will always remember him and pray to ensure that his spiritual and pastoral legacy will bear much fruit”
(Agenzia Fides 22/06/2005 Righe: 24 Parole: 276)