AMERICA/BOLIVIA - “Today more than ever we are called to put ourselves at the service of our people to promote dialogue among all sectors of society”: Bolivian Bishops issue statement on serious national crisis

Saturday, 4 June 2005

Santa Cruz (Fides Service) - In the present national social and institutional crisis for which there appears to be no solution at the request of President Carlos Mesa and other social sectors the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bolivia CBC has begun holding meetings with the parties in conflict. The first meeting with State Authorities was held on June 3 the Bishops’ Conference said in a statement of which a copy was sent to Fides by José H. Rivera of the CBC press office.
The statement underlines that in keeping with its mission the Church in Bolivia has always offered readily its help to promote national peace and unity aware that technical and concrete solutions are a task which falls to the State Authorities. In this sense today more than ever the Church is called to be at the service of the people to promote dialogue among sectors. Nevertheless this will be possible only if there are certain indispensable conditions to allow Bolivian society to reach the desired objectives. The Bishops call on everyone to “contribute towards the common good of Bolivia with generosity and detachment”, “put aside attitudes of violence and intransigence”, “prepare to take part in sincere and constructive dialogue with respect for others and the opinion of other and that the commitments taken may be fulfilled with honesty”.
The Bishops’ Conference, underlining that the values proper to the Bolivian people constitute an authentic moral force, said it hoped all Bolivians would work together to build a new Bolivia of justice and solidarity for all without exclusion. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 4/6/2005, righe 20, parole 293).