ASIA/SYRIA - “The face of Benedict XVI is one of great humility and love. We feel close and united to the Pontiff” Syrian Catholic Bishops in Damascus tells Fides

Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Damascus (Fides Service) - Syrian Catholic Bishop of Damascus Gregorios Elias Tabè gave the following statement to Fides with regard to the election of the new Pope: “All the Catholics in Syria are overjoyed for the election of the new Pope Benedict XVI . His face is one of great humility and love. He has already made a considerable contribution to Catholic theology and spirituality in recent years. Yesterday Arab media reported that many political leaders in the Arab world have sent the new Pontiff messages of congratulations”. The Bishop added “He is a wise and balanced person, the Conclave chose the right man for the present day”.
Bishop Tabè concluded: “Pope Ratzinger expresses certainty and strength in the ideals and values of the Catholic Church important elements which the Church transmits to the world. As the Syrian Catholic community we went to visit the Papal Nuncio to share with him our joy and hope. We feel close and united to the Pontiff, because like him we are disciples of Jesus Christ and members of his Church”.
(AE) (Agenzia Fides 20/4/2005 righe 12 parole 143)